Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here we go!!!

I'm just starting my blog (again) but i'll write it all posts (or most of them) in English.
Hope you don't mind if i'll make some mistake~  The most important is that you'll understand what I will share to you!

As some of my facebook friends can know, I'll be in Japan in less a week.
But for a short time (less than 2 weeks).
I'll try to update this blog everyday (posts some good place or events).
I know that lots of people can't go to Japan so I'll try to do my best to show them a little bit of what they can live if they come to Japan.

So my holidays already started :

Since yesterday (12/07) to  16/07 : I stay in Paris.
From 17/07 to 29/09 : Japan
From 30/07 to 31/07 : Amsterdam
From 01/08 to 02 (or 03 August) : London

I don't know if I will go anywhere else.. But hope to have some fun!

I still have one day to decide if I'll be a part of the "francophone Gal Unit" Diamant Rose... I don't feel I'm a gyaru even if I really love this style. But I don't want to be in one category because I love plenty style... I don't know yet... Maybe they won't accept me so...

Anyway Hope you'll enjoy this blog and understand what I want to share with you :)!

See yaa~  XoXo