Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hello Sweeties!!
Ok so as I told you yesterday, I'll be in Japan from 17th to 29th July.
All my friends already know that I'm a party girl. I love music and good times with friends!
So here is the list of my nights in Japan (Because yeah, you'll find me more during th night than the day,,, expect if you go to the beach were I love to be <3)

17th : TERMINAL @Axccis SBY
18th : Kula Resort @Kanagawa (Beach party) / Zone supported by JAY'S @ATOM
20th : YOJI 凱旋!ジュールに再臨!@ジュール (大阪)
21th : JxK POP NIGHT @Camelot
22th : a.y.k in Labyrinth @LOUNGE NEO
24th : B1-Dynamite @Studio Forum
26th : FEVER - Summer KickOff Party @ageHa
27th : THE WONDERLAND @ageHa
28th : TOKYO REMIX @axxcis SBY

Okay don't judge me. I just love dancin' and chill with my friends. And I know some ppl who work @those clubs.
Anyway I already miss Warehouse702 who closed few times after my last trip in December...

I already plane to see friends each day BUT don't ask me to be @9AM for shopping because it's time to sleep for me ww!

I'm happy to come back again and see all of my friends which I miss so much~

 * N.B. : If some of readers does know some cute gif (gyaru stuff idk ^^!) please show me where I can find them to make some hapiness in my posts! (I'm quite a bad blog writter I know but I try as I can =^-~=!)

Okay, feel free to contact me if you want to go to club with me or go to the beach with me or anything else!

Stay tunned~! ;) XoXo